Body Worn Cameras

Our Defender Series body worn cameras are the front end portion of our complete solution to meet the demand for recorded interactions between law enforcement and civilians. We offer several different styles of body worn cameras that fulfill a range of different situations. Each of our cameras support full HD 1080p video at 30 fps, and have a strong combination of other industry leading features.



The DroneTracker platform provides a complete airspace monitoring and managing solution through a convenient browser interface. DroneTracker allows users to readily configure multiple sensors, active and passive countermeasures, and alerts for automatic, 24/7 operation. Defensive measures against hostile drones can be activated automatically, with security services notified as appropriate.



There is a growing demand for UAVs and Drones in today's market due to their increased functionality and ease of use. We've addressed this growing demand by expanding our line-up of UAVs and Drones. Each model is equipped with an impressive list of features, several camera options, long distance live streaming video, autonomous flight capabilities, and much more.


Evidence Management

Our complete solution to ensure chain of custody integrity includes an impressive back end solution, featuring an automatic docking and recharging station for our body cameras, as well as our UL®-listed Digital Cage for remote secure storage. Our docking and recharging station comes with evidence management software capable of automatic reaction, evidence tagging, watermarking, and much more.



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