Management Software

Defender Series Defender Management Software

Smart Video Redaction

Automatically detect faces in both videos and images to track and blur. Manually add as many additional redaction locations as necessary. Furthermore, manually select any other objects in a video or image that you wish to redact.

Manage Digital Evidence

All evidence is in one seamless repository, making it easy for investigators and prosecutors to access

Maintain Evidence Integrity

The architecture and design follows the SWGIT Section 13 for maintaining digital audio, images, and video


Export Segment Clips

Select start and stop points to create video segment "clips" for quick and easy export


File Management

Ability to organize the digital evidence by case number and officer name, in addition to other identifiers




Detailed audit trail system and statistical report generation


Manage All Forms of Digital Media

Easily manage video, audio, stills, Script files, Word, PDF, Excel, and more


Customize Retention

Defined, set, and maintain basic system information

Create Log Entries for Video

Ability to add and save notes about the video content

Ultrafast Search and Playback

Metadata, thumbnails, and low-resolution companion files enable the ability to quickly locate and play back videos of interest

Save Money

Ability to transfer video to different storage mediums- Digital Cage, LTO digital tape, and Blue-ray optical- creating cost-effective options for your per-gigabyte storage