Drones and UAVs

Plot a Course of Action with Eyes in the Sky

using Defender Series Drones and UAVs

Defender Drones Aid Training Exercises

Training Exercises

One very effective way for athletes and people preparing for a speech to practice is to see themselves in action on video. This allows them to be aware of something in a way that they would otherwise have to visualize mentally. The same goes for police training exercises. Adding video to the exercise allows them to understand their movements even better. Adding aerial video takes this a step further and allows them to understand their environment in a new way.

Defender Series Help Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction

In addition to analyzing crime scenes through aerial video and photos, drones can also be used to reconstruct accidents. By utilizing drones to aid in this process, officers are significantly less vulnerable to devastating secondary crashes. Drones are also able to speed up the process, with a high level of accuracy with high quality photos and digital zoom functions, further reducing the risk of danger. Since the drones are capturing photos and video digitally, the footage can be digitally rendered into drawings with the appropriate software for use in court cases or other future situations.

Defender Drones Assist Fighting Fires

Fighting Fires

Fire fighters must stay on top of the developments of a blaze at all tops in other to have the best chance of keeping in under control. This can often be a challenge from the ground because it takes longer to identify the hazardous or more dangerous zones. With eyes in the sky, fire fighters are able to gain an advanced ability to monitor a fire's development nearly instantly, allowing them to better plot a course of action, and determine the most hazardous areas in advance, before they become out of control.

25 Minutes Flight Time
Autonomous Return Flight
25 Minutes Flight Time
1080p VIDEO
Autonomous Return Flight


Reasons Public Safety Professionals are looking to use Drones and UAVs in the Field

When there is a blind spot due to the terrain, Drones and UAVs will give an advantage by providing a different view of the environment.

Defender Drones Criminal Surveillance and Pursuit

Criminal Surveillance and Pursuit

Speaking of large crowds, they are also a great place for criminals to think they can hide in. Aerial surveillance enables law enforcement to take away this opportunity for criminals to blend in with the crowds. With the ability to record the live video feeds, analysts can review the video at a later time to look for clues that others may have originally overlooked.

Monitoring Large Gatherings

This situation ties in with missing persons, but having drones present in any number of different events in which a lot of people will be present can aid in the monitoring of situations before they get out of control. These events could include concerts, political rallies, protests, large holiday celebrations, parades, and more. The drones can compliment routine patrols for these types of situations and help to spot problem spots faster, before they are able to get out of control.

Defender Drones Monitor Large Gatherings
Defender Drones for Drug Interdiction

Drug Interdiction

Illegal marijuana houses are much easier to spot, especially during the winter time, with the use of aerial thermal imaging. In the winter time, drones can be used to easily locate houses that are free of snow while the other houses are not. This gives law enforcement an advantage in their searches and leads into drug trafficking. Further, during the non-winter months, these houses will still show up as much warmer than the other houses around them. With the thermal imaging cameras equipped, it will allow for a narrower spectrum of surveillance to be conducted.

Crime Scene Analysis

Drones are excellent for capturing aerial video and photos. The world of crime scene investigating relies on the ability to thoroughly capture every single element and detail of a location. Drones allow for aerial photos and video to be taken in order to provide another perspective for analysis.

Defender Drones help Crime Scene Analysis
Defender Drones for Drug Interdiction

Missing Persons

Drones equipped with cameras are able to provide a live video steam back to the user. From here, the video can be used to locate a missing child in a large crowd or hikers lost in the wilderness. Some of our drone cameras can be swapped out for cameras with more advanced features, such as thermal imaging and target tracking.

Hostage Negotiation

Drones that consist of four top rotors are ideal for monitoring from the sky. This design provides a very stable base for the drone to hover and conduct surveillance. The four rotors allow for very precise and specific movements to be easily made at any moment. Law enforcement in charge of the situation can view the live camera stream safely from their command post. Additionally the video stream will be clear and stable due to the high resolution camera and 3-axis gimbal mount.

Defender Drones help Crime Scene Analysis
Defender Drones for Drug Interdiction

Bomb Investigation

Drones can also be used to provide live streams or photos of potential bomb devices to the technicians who have been trained to spot various types of bombs. This will allow them to survey the device and making a more informed decision from a safe distance.